Will Romney go the sheepish way of John McCain?

by George Spelvin,  staff writer


Will Romney go the way of loser John McCain who was so polite he refused to let supporters go after Obama’s alleged lack of Natural Born Citizenship status as required by Article II, Section 1 of our Constitution?  Talk show host Michael Savage certainly thinks that’s what is going on! Romney is taking a position similar to that which McCain’s advisors talked him into in his failed 2008 challenge to Barack Obama, that being an absolute refusal to call out a president who cannot, will not produce authentic documents average citizens need to just get a drivers’ license.

Savage said Romney is being run off the rails by the same bad advice McCain was given.  “Advisors . . . want him to lose,” Savage told his listeners this week. “The Establishment wants Romney to lose.”  In the false axiom to provide fairness, the elites who control both parties want the Dems to have 8 years because the GOP had their eight, to play out the childhood saying of Turn About is Fair Play!  (1)

Savage was astounded that Romney “disavow[ed] the Super Pac’s attempt to discredit Obama” just one day after the candidate’s opponents blasted him as a VAMPIRE. Isn’t there an adult saying that goes, “Hurt Me Once, Shame on You; Hurt Me Twice, Shame on Me?”  Well, we’re seeing this played out as Republicans apparently never saw an election they could win even if it is handed to them on a forged COLB. “The FBI has an obligation to step in and investigate if Obama (has) Natural Born Citizenship,” Savage maintains.  Even in the face of the big Breitbart revelation that in 1991 a literary agent ran publicity stating “Obama was born in Kenya,” Romney refuses to allow the truth to come out.  “The entire Congress and the judiciary knew it,” a commenter said.  “They don’t care about the Constitution or about the truth. None of them.”  Apparently nothing will prompt Romney to take off his newly pressed white shirt and put some torque behind the countless millions being spent on this campaign!

Last year, forensic investigator Douglas Vogt sent his certified evidence to FBI Director Robert Mueller, to the FBI Hawaii agent in charge, and to 90 members of Congress, especially GOP members of the Ethics and Homeland Security Committees. “I received no response,” Vogt told Dr. David Manning during an interview. “This is a clear case of fraud,” the forensics expert stated.

MIA: All members of the U.S. Congress who received Lucas Daniel Smith’s certified, authenticated copies of the Kenyan Birth Certificate he told them he obtained when he used his own money to travel to Mombassa.  MIA: hundreds of American jurisprudence hear no evil, see no evil, adjudicate no evil black robes who use every kind of equivocation ever dreamed up by a Democrat legal clerk to side step making Obama show proof in an American Court of Law. MIA: the Supreme Court whose refusal to demand clarity on this Constitutional crisis is stunning, unbelievable, and must go down in our country’s annals as a failure to protect our Constitution.  MIA: the average “decent” American citizens who are allowing the only law enforcement officer, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, to twist in a very ill wind, as he goes forward with pursuit of this NBC crisis.

As Doug Vogt told Dr. Manning, “This is a national security issue.”  “We don’t know who this guy is.”

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This day in history June 17, 2012

1953: Livelong Democrat Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas stayed the executions of convicted Communist spies Julius and Ethel Rosenberg for a day so they could celebrate their 14th wedding anniversary. As a Communist sympathizer Douglas overlooked the fact that the Rosenbergs had given the Soviets the Atomic bomb and placed every American in danger for generations.   To read about the Democrats’ 200 year war on Americanism get your copy of Coach’s new book Crooks thugs and bigots the lost hidden and changed history of the Democratic Party at http://crooksthugsandbigots.com

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8 thoughts on “Will Romney go the sheepish way of John McCain?”

  1. He already has. Romney is his father, just as Obama is, and once in power will not have to run to a foreign state to get his way. There is intrigue in Romney already showing over amnesty, the continuing amnesty for all who sneak into our nation no matter where from or why.

  2. My own Congressman, 3rd most powerful in the house, lives less than 2 miles from me, is running the Romney California campaign. He hasn't done sheist! Typical Republican duplicity. Even my Dad, a Packard mechanic in Chicago's North side during Prohibition was an outspoken Republican.
    With the Hispanic vote very doable – not a peep, not a word, not a team, nada! I could scream! "Viva Cristo Rey!" Go see "For Greater Glory" for a taste of what Latino's are seeing in more years of Obama.

  3. Romney is playing it smart. He is keeping on key about the economy and letting Obama and team self destruct. He just needs to keep driving the point the Obama cannot fix the economy. That is the tactic that got Reagan elected, that is what will get Romney elected. If Romney wanders from that point the MSM will pounce.

    1. To markc2954 : Yeah, sure Romney is playing it SO smart, and So 'close to the vest' that he will alienate the millions of people who are sick and tired with getting "a-pig-in-a-poke" each time they vote for a prez…Romney had better realize that voters have better options which would adversely affect him and probably wind up aiding Obama.
      We can stay home on election day in November .
      And, before everyone jumps on me for saying this….and gets all steamed up about the prospect of another Obama term…just remember this:
      We, as voters are supposed to know exactly where our candidate stands on all the issues of importance to US…..PRIOR to his nomination… …not only that…we must also be convinced that our candidate has the intestinal fortitude to act surely and swiftly on behalf of those who elected him.
      It will no longer 'pass muster' with a whole slew of voters that we must saddle ourselves with ANOTHER unknown quantity simply because he is afraid of having Obama chew him up on the stump…..this is NOT a contest between Obama and Romney…it is a contest between Romney and the electorate.
      He'd damn well better give us better reasons to " turn-out' for him in November besides the fact that he's running against Obama !
      I personally have better things to do than to aid and abet a government which is stacked, in secrecy no less, against the American citizenry regardless of whether it is an Obama or a Romney administration.
      Apparently, neither Romney nor Obama have gotten the message that voters want commitments etched in stone…no more wishy-washy crap that gives them far too much 'wiggle room' to stray from the issues he KNOWS are important to us.
      If Romney is already 'waffling' on amnesty…we can pretty well be guaranteed that America will continue to have an 'open-door' policy toward those entering our country illegally.
      To make no serious campaign promises and to 'wimp-out' on the enduring strengths of one's commitments to the American citizenry is simply asking us to accept "politics-as-usual ".

    1. For fear of being labeled as a RACIST! They are all COWARDS who will not stand on principle!

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