Will the Middle East explosion be Herr Obama’s “Reichstag fire?”

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

On February 27, 1933 at about 9:25 PM a fire in Germany’s Reichstag building was detected. The Reichstag building was the assembly place for the German Parliament. After a brief “investigation” Adolph Hitler’s Nazis, who had already begun to take control of Germany, arranged the arrest of a Dutch Communist who was charged with the arson.     

The fire and the destruction it brought  was blamed on this handy scape goat, and Herr Hitler then pointed to him and used the fire as a reason for demanding dictatorial powers over Germany. Civil liberties soon started to disappear and mass arrests of Hitler’s enemies were carried out. Soon Herr Hitler and his Nazis had absolute power.  

“Cui bono” is Latin for “Who benefits.”  Germans quickly saw who benefitted by this convenient fire, but their freedom was gone. The fire gave the Nazis the excuse they needed to grab control of a frightened German people and their nightmare began . 

On September 11, 2012 the Islamist in the Middle East smashed their way into the American embassy in Libya and killed four Americans including Ambassador Christopher Stevens. Just as Herr Hitler did in 1933 our government has issued vague and contradictory explanations about the attack in Libya and other American compounds in the Middle East. This whole thing smells like a Reichstag fire.  

Heir Obama has found his scape goat. The American government has identified a man who made a  brief crude video about Muhammad several months ago, and now insists the film incited this violence. The fact that these animals need no particular reason to attack Americans because they hate us means little to these accomplished liars.  In truth no one, save for a few avid Youtube surfers, had actually seen the video before Herr Obama’s henchmen decided to blame their scape goat and draw attention to it.  Unfortunately for him their target is a Coptic Christian so he is not a member of a protected group. He will have to remain in hiding along with his family forever.  What advantage will Obama gain from this?  No one knows, if we are not careful this could turn into Herr Obama’s “Reichstag fire” and he will demand dictatorial powers to “protect us.”  He has already barred the media from asking any more questions about how this has been handled.  What’s next? Will this be his October surprise?  

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  This day in history September 19

1962 Democrat Governor Ross Barnett of Mississippi blocked African American student James Meredith from attending the University of Mississippi.

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  1. This may well be Herr Obama’s “Reichstag fire”, but it is important to remember how dictators before him ended up. Like Hitler, Musolini, Sadam Hussien, Kadafi…etc, maybe his name will be added to the list!

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