Will there be a Catholic Mormon Evangelical Connection for the 2012 Elections?




By Jerry Todd, staff writer

 In the Republican primaries, one by one an excellent slate of pretenders fell to blunders and/or well-funded partisan attacks. Money created the dominance of Mitt Romney over Rick Santorum. Rick stayed in the race in spite of being outspent 8 to 1. This GOP primary revealed the spread of preferences in Republican ranks, from RINO to Tea Party. That’s good if the Party has sense enough to use its best weapons.

Missing so far is a strong Hispanic presence that is available – over 63% refer to themselves as conservative or moderate. In the 2010 elections the day was carried by the Conservative/TP wing. They would not compromise with the Party’s compromisers who might yet get it.

I’ve always admired Mitt for his business acumen – especially bailing out the ineptly run Salt Lake City Olympics, generating the only profitable Olympics in history. I’ve been on the short end of business restructuring before. Necessary measures can’t be held against him. We only personally grow under challenge or duress, so I’m sure many of Mitt’s “rejects” learned from the experience. We’ll only hear about the whiners. The learners give us another sword to wield.

I supported Santorum to the end. When fellow devout Catholics, Attorney/Writer Michael Gaynor and Congressman Paul Ryan came out for Mitt, I was disappointed but not surprised given the economic solutions so badly needed.

Ryan also confides in Cardinal Tim Dolan of NY, both out of Milwaukee. I have copies of letter exchanges between Congressman Ryan and Cardinal Dolan re the Ryan budget that demonstrate a solid understanding of the roles of institutions run by religious bodies with their philosophical and doctrinal freedoms and constraints. The combined application of the principles of sub-sidiarity and solidarity are non-religious and well understood by Ryan and Dolan. The likes of Andy Stern of SEIU and others of the radical left hate it. The combination is polar opposite from their world domination plans.

Pundits say Ryan and Romney are “attached at the hip” over fiscal policy. That is vital news, but doesn’t deal with the other half of the battle – spiritual warfare – not religious, but of very real “good versus evil” – well-defined in Obamacare. That’s why a Catholic Mormon Evangelical Connection for the 2012 Elections and onward is imperative.

We all witnessed the direct attacks by the Obama Administration on the Catholic Church and its many education and service institutions. There also exists some considerable animus among Catholics, Mormons and Evangelicals the opposition will surely exploit. Evangelicals apparently saw Catholic Santorum as better equipped for spiritual warfare. He superseded their fears in spite of Mormon (and Evangelical) attitudes toward Catholicism. He stuck by principles these faiths share. – All the more reason to have each other’s backs as the attacks from the left intensify.

The situation was confirmed when a cable commentator viciously attacked Mitt’s Mormonism. Republicans must be better prepared. Abandoning the “Maverick” McCain by the MSM in 2008 was a lesson for all but the cocktail circuit. After the remarks by frequent White House visitor Hilary Rosen against Ann Romney, I realized we had best put aside our theological differences; remember our endowment by our Creator and protect and defend the Constitution.

“The disciples came to Jesus and complained that there were men not of their group casting out demons in his name. Jesus said, “Let them be. If they are not against us, they are with us.” Mark 9:40

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3 thoughts on “Will there be a Catholic Mormon Evangelical Connection for the 2012 Elections?”

  1. The question is whether Catholics will join evangelicals in heavily voting for conservatives, contrary to their normal bent.

    As far as the religious aspect is involved, evangelicals see Mormonism as being more like Catholicism as both effectively operate out of sola ecclesia, the church being the supreme authority, though Santorum sounded more evangelical in upholding the Bible as the moral authority, but seemed to lack some maturity, while Romney wants to avoid religion.

    But i think the country has turned the corner of no return, the last election evidencing that, and the focus must be as it always should be, that of the born again church as the body of Christ being the alternative to the world, not being like it, which is were overall it is headed. http://peacebyjesus.witnesstoday.org/RevealingSta

    1. Thanks for your comments.

      Jesus said "There will be wars and rumors of wars until he comes again." Peace that passes all understanding is when one has internal peace in the midst of danger and chaos.

      He also said he would be always be with his Church that he built on solid rock. You may not be aware that the greatest period of worldwide evangelization by the Church was during the Reformation.

      Spiritual warfare has always been with us. It is the overt war against religion by the Obama/Soros regime that brought it to the fore. Ignore it at your own peril. Like it or not, we're all in it together.
      From the cowardice that dare not face new (discoveries of) truth,
      from the laziness that is contented with half truth,
      from the arrogance that thinks it knows all truth,
      Good Lord, deliver us.
      – Kenyan Prayer

  2. He saved the Olympics ???!

    Havent you heard ??? He did it with OUR MONEY $$$$$$$

    >>> See the vid taken secretively of him explaining THIS to dem operatives in Mass.

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