Worst in the nation Detroit schools actually run by former spec. ed. student who can’t write

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

This has got to be child abuse. A special education student running the schools?

Detroit school board president Otis Mathis can’t write in English. The man charged with educating the last 90,000 school kids left in the disappearing city can’t express himself in a simple Email.

Need proof?

Grab a red pencil and read this recent Email written by Mr. Mathis.
“If you saw Sunday’s Free Press that shown Robert Bobb the emergency financial manager for Detroit Public Schools, move Mark Twain to Boynton which have three times the number seats then students and was one of the reason’s he gave for closing school to many empty seats.”

His acknowledgement of difficulty composing a clearly written English paragraph is an understatement.

“[H]is communication issues.”

Mathis who was placed in a special education program in the fourth grade is a great example of Detroit’s refusal to recognize reality. Last January he was elected president of the school board by a margin of 10 to 1 over a University of Michigan academic officer.

That his graduation from Wayne State University was held up for TEN years because he couldn’t pass the required English proficiency test and had a 1.8 gpa in high school meant nothing. Mathis shouldn’t be able to teach a third grade class, let alone become the president of an entire school system. This outrage wouldn’t be tolerated anywhere else in America.

Damned either way

His colleagues call Mathis a good guy whose leadership skills are more important than his lack of qualifications. Nevertheless, herein lays the problem of trying to fix the Detroit school system. Anyone bright enough to be able to do the job is too bright to take the job. Since somebody – anybody- must be in the slot, for Detroit a former special education student will do.

Another Email
“Do DPS control the Foundation or outside group? If an outside group control the foundation, then what is DPS Board row with selection of is director? Our we mixing DPS and None DPS row’s, and who is the watch dog?”

When asked if he can read, a question no one would even think of asking the head of any other American school system, Mathis answered, “Yes, I can read. I’m capable of reading a lot of information and regurgitation…”

Today Detroit’s former City Council President Monica Conyers, wife of Congressman John Conyers, will be sentenced in federal court on her conviction for selling her vote on a city contract agreement. It’s the way things are done in Detroit. It’s the reason Detroit will not survive no matter how much the media Democrats and other liberals try to make believe it will.

What do you plan to do to save America from Obama’s Marxists?

Yesterday’s Rasmussen Presidential Index had Obama at – 19

This day in history March 10
1804: The Louisiana Purchase which formally transferred the Louisiana Territory from France to the United States is signed and executed at a ceremony in St. Louis.

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