You Didn’t Do That Alone…


 By Ron Reale, staff writer

Somewhere along the way, a teacher helped.

Yes, with a contract guaranteeing her a job for life, short of actually killing a student.

I believe every day they taught my NYC Public School classes, all my teachers were paid through the taxes collected from my parents and others. Just as my Catholic School teachers were paid by my parents when I transferred. Except the Public School teachers were paid to fulfill a contract of which my parents were never a negotiating party.  They certainly never received the kickbacks the Democrats received for rubber stamping those contracts, contracts paid not with their money, but with tax dollars forcibly extorted by a never thankful, corrupt government.

A road was built in front of my business?

Yes, and I’ll give 10 to one odds in any big city it was the result of a corrupt union deal that overcharged the taxpayers and lined the pockets of the union thugs and Democrat Party.

I owe the road worker and builders a great big attaboy for doing their jobs, paid for with taxpayer monies that they were overpaid to do. Not a damn thing more from a successful business I may have run.

I owe my teachers a great big attaboy for going into teaching. Not a damn thing more from a successful business I may have run.

Where were all those helpers while my attempts to start a business failed? Why aren’t they responsible for the bankruptcies throughout the economy, because, if they had been doing their jobs, wouldn’t we all be successful?

Or, better yet, Comrade Obama, if the secrets of success lie not inside the personal enthusiasm of ownership and rugged individualism that makes an American risk all, but outside in the streets and government buildings put there out of the pure compassion for us by you and your ilk, I ask you a question: Why don’t all businesses succeed?

You denigrate those that say they worked hard, because you say there are a lot of hard working people out there…why aren’t they successful? Is there no road in front of their house? Had they no teachers?

You think you have been a successful agitator. You think you built a successful reputation?

You didn’t build that…Frank Marshall Davis built that!

You didn’t build that…Saul Allinsky built that!

You didn’t build that…Reverend Wright built that!

President Obama, your Government Control mentality is showing, and it is nothing new to us. We have seen your “progressive” policies entrap Eastern Europe, Red China, Cuba, the Middle East and more.

Your anti-Americanism is coming to the surface. Even those Americans not usually interested in politics, (because they are out working hard to make a success of themselves), are noticing.

Go ahead keep telling the 70% of the economic sector, the small businessmen, that they didn’t earn that for which they have risked all.

See how that works out for you.

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2 thoughts on “You Didn’t Do That Alone…”

  1. Ron, The last seven paragraphs (sentences?)….(okay then, lines !), were worth the wade into the water. That was a remarkable attempt to dish back to O’Liar some of the same scorn he feels for us and OUR achievements.
    It worked !!!
    Good on ‘ya matey

  2. Great article! This is the rhetoric that only a Fabian Socialist could speak of. We small business owners have truly risked the most and without our hard work and successful business practices there would be no government and definitely no handouts for the staggering 50% of Americans that pay no income taxes at all. Obama punishes success and rewards failure and laziness. Our great president is the manchurien candidate and hasn’t worked a day in the private sector in his life! Don’t take my word for it, do your own homework!

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